Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let us begin

I am eager to start sharing my thoughts on the meaning and application of emotional literacy but I have so many ways of approaching the subject that I don't know how to begin. Can you help me decide where to start?

For instance, should I write about:
  • The practical benefits of using emotional literacy transactions in our relationships.
  • The problems of using emotional literacy methods in our relationships.
  • How are emotional literacy methods applied in the real world.
  • The politics of emotional literacy.
  • The Critical Parent and emotional literacy.
  • Emotional Literacy as a liberation movement.
  • The basic method of emotional literacy training.
  • The philosophical implications of the principles of emotional literacy.

Please don't be intimidated by having to sign up. All you need to provide is your email as a login and a simple password and then let me know what you think in the comments box section below.


  1. "Emotional Literacy as a liberation movement." and "The basic of emotional literacy training." sound most interesting to me.

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  3. From my point of view I would like to know more on all of them. How they apply in our everyday life and happenings in the world. It is great to have your insights in the here and now.